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We just love food!

Our mission at Warnies Café and Restaurant is to provide a great, fun, family friendly, relaxed dining experience. Warnies Café has a great amount of space for the kids to run around or you can enjoy dining in one of our many different rooms within the café.

We pride ourselves on using Australian made milk brand Norco, our fruit and vegetable supplier, JT Providores, pride themselves on using Australian grown produce and our fresh meat is sourced from our local butcher Kanwal Meat Market.  We aim to support all things local where possible and appreciate all small businesses that support us.

We try our best to cater towards everyone as much as possible including Gluten Free and Dairy Free options as well as providing a great space for the big group gatherings or kid’s birthday parties.

We are a small business owned by a mother of three children so we understand the need for a place that provides space and normal, every day food that is cost effective.

At Warnies Café we understand that we will make mistakes and won’t always be perfect but we can guarantee, we will always try our hardest and give it 100%.

Not just a fun place to eat, but important to the community


Warnies Café beautiful building is believed to built in 1897. The building is a beautiful, solid brick building that is heritage listed with the external wrap verandas now closed in for our diners to enjoy. A lot of people ask us if this building was the train master’s cottage, but it was just a home lived in by the Wilson Family and many more.  Not long ago, we held a 70th birthday party at Warnies Café for one of the members of the Wilson family and often have people visit who once lived in the home. 


The building was originally used as a General Store before becoming a general store/café and now just a café.  Some of the beautiful features of the building include the solid brick internal walls, old fire places, and pull string light switches which we still use to this day.

Warnies Café sits on a beautiful 6 acre lot alongside the railway line where the kids love to sit and watch the trains go by.  One of the many recognisable sounds at Warnies Café would be the train boom-gate crossing bells that still get used to this day.


Ask us a fun question and we will post it here...

Where did the name come from?

Warnies is short for Warnervale, the suburb where we are located, the name Warnervale coming from its founder Albert Hamlyn Warner in 1893. A lot of locals would recognise a few things from his name including the road next to Warnies being Albert Warner Drive, the suburb next to Warnervale being Hamlyn Terrace and many roads in the area i.e. Louisiana, Virginia and Minnesota roads all coming from his son’s favourite places they visited in America while on holiday.


Where did the Crazy Shakes come from? 

When we bought the café, we had little knowledge of café life and purchased some milkshake glasses we thought we would use to serve milkshakes in. However, when we looked at it, we realised they were not right and put them under the bench.  One day, Jayne and Harley found these glasses and decided to try use them for something. We started playing around with them and created a milkshake with a Curly Wurly and some marshmallows on it.  A customer walked by and asked if we would make some of them for her kids and so we did.  After that we took the idea and started creating.

What are the sounds that come over the speaker in the playground?

They are geese sounds to scare away the crows.

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